Wednesday, November 11, 2015

8 Common Small Business Website Mistakes

November 10, 2015 Carianne King

When it comes to marketing small businesses online, it’s all about credibility. You may still be ironing out some of the details of your start up, but if you have a slick, useful website, you already have what you need to start spreading the word. However, given time and budgetary restraints, many small business owners make are prone to make mistakes when designing and launching their websites. With just a little extra know-how, however, any small business owner with any budget can market themselves online.
This infographic from Column Five Media for MyCase names some of the most common website mistakes among small businesses. The good news is: all are easily remedied.
  • No call to action! 93% of small businesses don’t even post an email address where customers can write with queries.
  • No mobile design! 60% of small businesses websites don’t work on smartphones and are unable to capture drive-by customers.
  • No designated IT person! Ah, the big kahuna. Maybe the reason your website is inefficient is this: you haven’t hired someone to take care of it.