Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Top Tips to a Successful Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 1.1Billion users worldwide. Having a Facebook business page for your business is really important and here are 10 top tips to a successful Facebook Business Page.
  1. Post a Relevant Article Once a Week
It is so important for your business that you are seen as a thought leader in your industry and one way to do this is to post a relevant article once a week so your followers can see you are staying up to date.
  1. Like, Share & Comment on Posts
Engagement is key when it comes to social media and especially on Facebook. Liking, sharing and commenting on posts are a great way to increase your visibility on Facebook.
  1. Check your Notifications
If you don’t check your notifications, you may be missing out on sales. If you don’t know that someone has left a question for you to answer on your Facebook page and you leave it unanswered for too long, they might even unfollow you but more importantly, won’t spend their money with your business – they will go elsewhere.
  1. Get Testimonials from Customers
A great  way to show potential customers what they are going to get from you in a positive way is to ask customers who are loyal to you and your business for testimonials. If you can show that your existing customers trust you, your new customers will too.
  1. Use Photo’s/ Video’s
To get the most engagement out of your posts on your Facebook Business Page you will need to use photo’s and video’s. Posts with either a photo or video receive 50% more engagement than those without the use of images or video’s.
  1. Check your Mail
Some potential customers would rather send you a direct message on your Facebook Business Page regarding a product or service you are offering. Because of this, make sure you check your inbox on Facebook so you don’t miss out on sales.
  1. Find and Like New Business Pages
Facebook is not just a social network, it is also a search engine. Utilise this by searching hashtags on Facebook to find businesses that may have your target market or businesses you want to work with. Make sure you “like” other business pages and engage with them.
  1. Share Your Blogs on Your Page
Are you blogging? If so, make sure you share this on your Facebook Business Page. This is really important because you are offering great information to your community while increasing visits to your site that hopefully turn into sales.
  1. Update Status Daily
Updating your status is important on Facebook because your community needs to see that you are actively using social media. 85% of Facebook users expect businesses to be using social media to communicate.
  1. Always Mention Users with the @ Sign
If you are writing a post about a customer/business, make sure you use the @ sign to tag them in the post. This is important because you want them to know they have been mentioned by you via a notification on Facebook.
What are you doing to build your Facebook Business Page?
Warren Knight

Warren Knight

Founder, Social Media eLearning

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